Discovery is probably the most well-known early English apple variety, ripening in late August. It is very easy to grow, and has excellent natural disease resistance.

Discovery is grown commercially on a small scale in the UK, but it has a very short shelf-life, and shop-bought apples can be disappointing if not picked at exactly the right time. For this reason Discovery is definitely a variety that is better grown in the garden, and preferably eaten straight from the tree – although it will keep in a fridge for a week if necessary.

In some years there is a hint of strawberry flavour, which adds to the summery appeal. Discovery also excels as a variety for juicing, as it produces a very well-balanced sweet/sharp juice.


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The Discovery Apple is an early season dessert apple. One of its parents Worcester Pearmain, with the pollinator thought to possibly be Beauty of Bath. The fruits are typically similar in appearance to its parent 'Worcester Pearmain', being small-medium in size, with small patches of yellow and largely flushed with crimson, sometimes completely covering the fruit, but tend to be slightly flatter. The flesh (and juice) of some fruit may be pinkish. The tree is a mid-season flowering variety; as with the supposed pollinator 'Beauty of Bath', the fruits mature quickly, by August. Unlike many early apples, the fruits remain on the tree long enough to ensure ripening. The juice is a good early season first taste of Autumn.   Sweetness chart 3.5


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