This is the classic English apple, often regarded as the finest of all apples. It sets the benchmark for flavour in apples to which all others aspire. The aromatic complexity and depth of flavours in a good Cox are remarkable. In our personal experience pear, melon, freshly-squeezed orange juice, and mango are all readily evident in a good example.

Cox is a mid/late season variety and is probably at its best if picked when fully ripe, or picked slightly under-ripe and left in storage for a month or so – it is not a long-keeper though.

Although primarily considered a variety for eating fresh, Cox is an excellent apple for juice / cider blends as well. It is also a versatile culinary apple, with an inherently sweet flavour when baked, and is a common ingredient in English apple preserves, chutneys, and mincemeat.


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Cox Apple trees carry quintessentially English eating apples that also juice very well. In a good year, this is one of the all time best tasting apples anywhere. It has a wonderful juicy texture and a complex, tangy, aromatic taste with a hint of spices and suggestion of melons. A firm favourite and best seller.   Sweetness chart 4


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