Bramley’s Seedling is the definitive English “cooker” – an apple variety used mainly for cooking purposes (although many people like to eat them fresh as well).

Bramley is well-known for its rich sharp acidity – it has one of the highest acid contents of any apple variety. As a result it cooks down to a stiff but light apple puree, a key requirement for English apple cookery, with an excellent sharp flavour .

The copious juice makes Bramley’s Seedling valuable for juicing as well, and the juice can also be used in cider production.


Box of 12, Box of 24

Bramley Apples ¬†produce the most popular cookers. These are great big, flat-bottomed apples, usually with a rusty coloured, striped flesh. The white flesh is the most acidic of British cooking apples which is one of the reasons why a raw Bramley apple contains about 2.5 times more vitamin C than the average apple. Bramley Seedlings have a distinctive, sharp flavour that mellows with storage so that by spring they are almost tart dessert apples. Freshly picked, they juice very well indeed and mixed with other apple varieties, make an excellent apple juice ideal for the breakfast table.   Sweetness Chart 1


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