The Egremont Russet is a classic English russet apple from the Victorian era. It remains popular with discerning apple lovers who appreciate its unique flavour and appearance.

Egremont Russet is a medium-sized apple. The flesh seems quite dry and gets drier with keeping – it is moist rather than juicy. Traditionally described as “nutty”, the flavour is more delicate than most varieties, and quite sweet. Both the flavour and the soft flesh are reminiscent of a firm pear. Yet Egremont Russet is surprisingly versatile, working well in savoury salads for example, and a popular partner for cheese.

Like many russets, Egremont Russet is a good apple for juicing. The apples are not particularly juicy, so you need plenty of them, but the resulting juice is rich, thick, and very sweet.


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The most well-known of the russet apples, the Egremont Russet almost defines the characteristics of this type of apple tree. Dense rather than crisp flesh with dull, rough skin, this variety has a very developed nutty flavour which many find irresistible. Dating back to 1872, it has surprising disease resistance even for a Victorian apple tree. Another unusual feature for an old variety is that it is partially self-fertile. The juice keeps that nutty flavour and a sweet aroma.   Sweetness chart 5

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  1. John Sandeman (verified owner)

    Best apple juice I have found anywhere. Really suits my pallet.

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